About Tickhill

Mill Dam in SpringBecause of its strategic position as “the Gateway to the North” the Town of Tickhill is steeped in history and was a wealthy Saxon settlement and later, after the Norman Conquest, it further grew in importance with the building of a powerful castle, remains of which can still be seen today, and St Mary’s church. Tickhill has grown and prospered in the ensuing centuries, into the Town it is today. 

Whilst Tickhill is proud of its historic heritage, it does not live in the past. It is a modern, thriving community with over thirty groups and societies. It has a wide selection of shops and businesses covering all aspects of modern life and for great nights out and socialising, there are a wide selection of pubs, wine bars, restaurants, bistros and cafes.

As well as its two modern primary schools, the Town has excellent pre-school activities, nurseries and other child care establishments. Medical and dental care is again well served by surgeries in the Town and these are supported by hospitals in Doncaster and Worksop.

Artists impression of Tickhill Castle

Although surrounded by open countryside, Tickhill has maintained its important links to the rest of the country (and abroad) since it lies at the junction of two main arterial routes and has easy access to Doncaster railway station and Robin Hood airport. Doncaster railway station itself stands at a major rail crossroads with direct links between the east coast and Manchester and its airport, the North East to the South West via the Midland and Edinburgh to London

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